Grow it rightly, make it honestly



We create by following the principles with an honest heart.

Esan Global Bio Co., started at yu farm, and processes are focusing on manufacturing facilities and sales.

It conducts 463 pesticide residue tests every year to produce safe goods and exports them to various countries such as France, Germany, Thailand, and China. Esan Global Bio is responsible for promoting excellent domestic agricultural goods to the world through various goods.


Yuzu Goods

We grow and process organic yuzu in Korea and produce various goods such as yuzu tea, organic yuzu juice, yuzu juice, yuzu tea stick, yuzu tea potion, etc. In addition, Esan Global Bio provides excellent quality and reasonable prices overseas.

Kaki Goods

Using Kaki, we produce various goods such as kaki jam, kaki juice, kaki tea stick, kaki tea potion, etc. It produces high-quality kaki goods to provide customers with a variety of choices and flavors.

Capsule Goods

Capsule goods are packaged in a form where ingredients can be easily consumed, and there are various types such as yuzu tea potion, kaki tea potion, and honey fruit tea mix. These goods allow users to make and drink tea easily.

Juice Goods

Organic yuzu juice, yuzu, lemon & yuzu, kaki & Pear, passion fruit, apple & carrot juice have a variety of flavors and nutrients. These juices are available in PET and pouch forms, providing portability and choice.

Bottle Tea

Based on the supply and demand of fresh ingredients and strict screening standards, we produce yuzu, kaki, lemon, lemon passion fruit, yuzu passion fruit, quince, grapefruit, aloe, ginger, and jujube.

Juice Concentrate & Puree

Juice concentrate & puree can be made from various fruits. It is produced with various fruits such as yuzu, lemon, passion fruit, kaki, carrot, etc.